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Zonca consists of many houses that are in a dilapidated condition but there are several houses that are sufficiently maintained and can be used to accommodate small groups of people.

There is at least one private room with a double bed, a big room in the central house, which belongs to S that can comfortably accommodate around 5-8 people. This room has a balcony overlooking the valley and it is possible to sleep on the balcony.

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There are several pastures on which it is possible to set up a tent. These pastures are on gentle slopes and there may not be space for more than about 4 tents. In all, a gathering of about 15 people seems possible.

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There is one kitchen with a fireplace in the central house and a smaller kitchen that uses gas, however because it is somewhat more primitive than Bordo, (and not communally owned) it is necessary to make prior arrangements with hosts about who can use what areas and amenities.

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There is a big bathroom with hot water from a solar heater and also hot water in the central square and in the back garden.

Accommodation at Zonca costs ± 15 euro per person per day.


Accommodation at Bordo consists of seventeen simple single and multi-bed rooms in a total of five houses. There is a large and a small meditation room, a church with a wooden floor that can comfortably accommodate a gathering of about 25 people (depending on what they are doing).

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There is a lawn around the stupa for walking meditation, and various lawn areas where tables can be set out for communal eating.

There is also a kitchen for self catering and it is possible to eat with the inhabitants and staff in a common kitchen that has a nice veranda.

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The center of the village has a nice enclosed square where tables can be set out.

There is both a communal shower room and a private shower more or less centrally located in the village.

The entire village is absolutely perfect for workshops.

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