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Trash: Be aware that Zonca is in more of less pristine shape as far as waste and plastic junk are concerned and we are concerned that it remain so. For this reason we advise all visitors to avoid bringing plastic and disposable goods with them. If you do, please make sure to remove these goods when leaving the mountain. Trash can be disposed of in the Garbage cans at the bottom of the road in Seppiana.

Food: please be informed that people living in Zonca are not responsible for feeding you or providing energy, accommodation or WiFi access. Prior agreement is preferable to just turning up, but in any case, its a good idea to ask whether people need anything from shops before coming up. Goods that are not from the mountain need to be bought and transported to the top. Unless you have prior arrangements, keep in mind that you may have to carry anything you want or need up the mountain.

There are cable lifts on the mountain that can only be operated from above. Communication is necessary to ensure there is someone to operate a lift. Please be aware that the lifts use a lot of electricity and cost about 6 euro per lift. It is always a nice idea to offer compensation for using them!

Heating and hot water are available but the solar boiler and panels are not always operational. Be advised that it is a good idea to make arrangements prior to visiting and to help cutting, gathering and storing wood for the heater, fireplace and so on.

When walking on the mountain, please do not leave trash anywhere and if by chance you find something that does not belong in nature, please pick it up and bring it with you for disposal. Keep the mountain and village tidy!

While visiting the village, and surroundings, please respect people’s privacy and refrain from taking photo’s of dwellings, inside houses or people, before getting to know them. Please do not enter houses even if they look deserted and keep an eye open for land that has been cultivated, where plants might be growing that might be destroyed.

If you bring goods up the mountain like food, it is good manners to share and share alike.

Zonca is generally very quiet place and it is nice if everyone respects this silence. If you have electronic equipment like radio, telephone or tablets, please don’t turn the volume up really loud. There is WiFi on the mountain, but if you would like to use it, please talk about this with the people paying the bill!

There is a compost toilet that is not for general use except by people who have made prior arrangements to stay as guests. Be advised that this toilet is not for large groups of people and other arrangements must be made if visiting with a group.

Please be economic with toilet paper!

Also, please bring organic ecologically responsible soap and shampoo, if you need these things!

Batteries: Zonca is a difficult place to navigate at night so you will need a torch. Unfortunately torches use batteries that are highly toxic when disposed of in nature! Please make sure that you take your batteries back off the mountain and dispose of them in a chemical recycling place (where they can be tossed into the ocean by your elected authority of choice!)

Using paths: Although there is a road up to about 50 meters below Zonca, it is highly preferable to walk up from behind the Church in Seppiana! First of all, using the road is for pussies and is actually really not very comfortable to walk. Secondly, using cars is not good for the environment or for your car. Finally, the sound of cars is an extra disturbance that this beautiful tranquil place does not need!

Camping: there are very few really flat spaces in Zonca where you can comfortably erect a tent. Any more or less level spaces are usually private gardens or areas so please make arrangements with the locals!

Fire: the fire hazard is significant during the driest months of the year and fires should not be started on the mountain, or under trees, except in places allocated for that purpose. At no time should fires be left unattended!

When approaching any dwelling on the mountain it is a good idea to make your presence known by clapping or calling. People may be surprised or shocked since days can be very quiet.

Snakes and Scorpions: When walking on the mountain be careful for snakes and scorpions and also be aware that there are ticks. Make sure you have pincers and check regularly for ticks. Also, when walking, climbing or working, please be aware of snakes and scorpions. Bites are rare but best to avoid!

The paths below and above the village are public and you are welcome to walk wherever you like. In general, paths go right through villages and so it is not uncommon to meet locals, enjoying the sun or at work.

If you come across any tools, please leave them exactly where they are so those to whom they belong can find them back! Also, don’t mess with other people’s woodpiles and don’t steal wood!

If you have made arrangements to stay in Zonca, please bring sheets and pillow cases unless otherwise agreed.

In general, your willingness to participate in work, to clear and clean-up, to leave this place as pristine as when you found it, if not more so, will be greatly appreciated by all, including all who come after you! A new world is possible, and you can start immediately!


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