As stated in the “about” section, Zonca is currently in a dilapidated state due to its gradual abandonment by the original population who have either left, or moved down the valley to villages with direct access to roads and to places where there is work.

The village is said to be at least 400 years old though it may be considerably older. It consists entirely of buildings constructed from materials from the mountain itself, oak, chestnut and walnut woods and rock, much of it infused with silica that reflect the light and shine silver on full moon. Walls and lintels are constructed with large blocks of this rock but most of the stone has not been shaped and was originally fixed in place with a mortar of sand and lime.

Roofs are constructed from sturdy wooden beams, a-frames with crossbeams on which flat stones are placed overlapping to prevent water entering. Floor beams are allowed to traverse walls to provide support for balconies. Consequently they can only be replaced with some difficulty after bracing walls to prevent them from shifting.

It stands to reason that much of the work needed to repair damaged walls, restore roofs and clear paths requires more than one person. Volunteers are needed and welcome. Please see the contact page for details.