Zonca consists of many houses that are in a dilapidated condition but there are several houses that are sufficiently maintained and can be used to accommodate individuals and small groups of people.


There is at least one private room with a double bed, and a big room in the Casa Ambientale, which belongs to S that can comfortably accommodate around 5-8 people. This room has a balcony overlooking the valley and it is possible to sleep on the balcony. There is also space for 3-4 people in the Casa in Mezzo and a spare room that can sleep 2-4 in Casa Rizzi. A small room that sleeps 2 people can be found near Casa Free Spirit. Apart from that there are lodgings in private homes so that Zonca could conceivably host around 30 people with ease.

Arrangements for accommodation must be made with individual hosts through their contact forms on this website or by telephone. Make sure you make these arrangements as soon as possible and PLEASE make it clear whether you are merely inquiring into the possibility of a stay or are seriously planning to come!


There are several pastures on which it is possible to set up a tent. These pastures are on gentle slopes and there may not be space for more than about 4 tents. In all, camping space for about 15 people seems possible.

There is a big kitchen in the Casa Ambientale with a fireplace and a smaller kitchen that uses gas up in the garden. There is also a big bathroom with hot water from a solar heater and hot water in the central square and in the back garden. Apart from that it is possible to shower with the solar spiral behind the village.

Expect to contribute a minimum of ± 15.- euro per person per day (unless you are working as a volunteer), depending on what you agree with your host(s) and whether you are working or just on a holiday. Also, please do not take for granted that your hosts will feed you and make arrangements to do shopping or contribute towards the cost of meals.