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The 'Casa di Capre' belongs to Paddy and Nina. It is situated next to the main area of Zonca and is surrounded by stables for goats. The main source of income for Paddy and Nina is the sale of goat's cheese which is produced on the high alps each summer and sold fresh from the house to visitors and friends.

If you have an affinity to animals and are interested in volunteering to work with goats —either off-season when they are in their stables in our village, or during the summer months when they are up on the alps— you are welcome to apply.

Keep in mind that those with prior experience will have priority as working with goats and other animals is quite demanding. Also you will be living and working in close proximity to others.

Feel free to contact us using the contact form below.
We prefer German, and and written communication!

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Thanks! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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