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Consorzio Zonca

The 'Consorzio Zonca', an Association under Italian law, was recently founded to help finance our projects, notably the paving of the existing road which is currently in very bad condition. In addition, Consorzio Zonca has several important aims including:

... acquisition and maintenance of roads, reservoirs and water pipes, paths conservation of historic buildings and land in the municipality of Zonca, Montescheno, (VB) Italy and surroundings.

The Consortium contributes to the promotion of sustainable development through institutional and public actions having the character of economic and social innovation and promotion. In particular, for the realization of the objectives set to support the entire community, the Association aims to:

• seek and administer funds for the maintenance of roads, water reservoirs, paths, historic buildings and land (agricultural and for wildlife) through activities promoting sustainability and respecting the environment.

• these activities may include economic activities in accordance with the principles of sustainability and care for the environment on behalf of all members as well as the general public. Financial support can be sought through requests for national and European Union grants, private donations, loans, grants, crowdfunding, membership fees and investment activities. ...

• the Association, moreover, may carry out any other activity connected to, or in any case supporting the achievement of the aforementioned aims.

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