The Association





The village of Zonca is in urgent need or repairs. Many roofs are currently in bad shape and without maintenance there is a real danger of collapse. Many historical buildings could potentially be lost in the next two to five years.

Following a meeting in late May 2017 it was decided to register a foundation or association with the specific aim of

  • preventing further damage to existing structures

  • acquisition and renovation of structures for collective use

  • procurement and allocation of funds through donations, subsidies and private investment


The temporary name for this foundation or association is “Amici di Zonca” (AdZ).

Donors and investors are called upon to consider giving or loaning funds interest free but there are also possibilities for investors who are free to negotiate terms with AdZ.

The basic idea is to raise capital of anywhere between €10.000 and €100.000 euro. Initially, this money will go towards protecting the roofs of the most important structures in the village to prevent damage to beams and collapse.

For those chipping in or providing interest free loans there is the possibility of staying in the village for free and or using the location for workshops (Yoga, meditation, art, music etc.)

People interested in more serious long-term investment opportunities are welcome to visit the village or contact us to discuss possibilities.

If you are interested in community building, permaculture and the restoration of historic rural homes, this project may be exactly what you are looking for! Interested in living or working in a wild beautiful, super quiet place in a pristine natural environment? Zonca welcomes you with open arms!


The first step of any project of the type outlined above is to come up with a realistic plan and a timeline for realizing it. At present the plan looks something like this:

  1. Register a Foundation or Association

  2. Set up a bank account

  3. Publish a mission statement and statutes

  4. Identify roofs to be saved and houses to be acquired

  5. Estimate costs

  6. Approach donors and investors

  7. Begin work



As some of you know, we have long been intending to acquire a property in Zonca. However, acquiring a house is not just a great financial responsibility, it also involves a lot of work that is more realistically an undertaking to be shared.

Every time we return to Zonca with new visitors we see the potential this place has with its wild beauty and silence. It is a great feeling to be able to share this with you all and to be able to visit this place with friends and witness how everyone is transformed by it.

We truly deeply would love to share such a project with our friends and make it a reality. Perhaps a much more exciting possibility than living out our lives surrounded by the smog and stress of a big city. But certainly an opportunity to find a place we truly love and appreciate for its beauty and maintain it so others can come here and find healing and peace too.

If you have a little money left over at the end of the month and would gladly invest it in a worthwhile project like this, here is your chance: we can make this happen with relatively small initial investment. This allows people who live on a really small budget to become co-owners of a property that they can visit whenever they like!

If you are interested, and some of you have already let us know that you are, please join our group on facebook and let everyone know because then it will catch on that this ball is really going to roll (from Zonca its downhill!) Just follow the link below …

Zonca Community Project page


Love and light to you all,


Daniel and the rest of the team!