Bordo is a Buddhist retreat in the Italian Alps. It offers summer courses and has its own official website,

The village can be reached via the main road up the Valle di Antrona as well as by footpaths, including one that begins at the Church in Seppiana and passes through Zonca. Expect a steep walk of about 1.5 hours.

Many of the people living and working in this area are connected to Bordo, either through Buddhist practice, through being members of the association through which the community was founded or through work and the frequent festivities.

Bordo is a beautiful place to visit to get an impression of what mountain villages in this area can be like after extensive renovation. At lunchtime it is possible to meet inhabitants and possibly join them for a meal although the kitchen does not serve passing visitors on a commercial basis. Visitors are advised to contact Bordo through the website to make arrangements for stays, retreats and meals.