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Building and construction are ongoing activities in Zonca. We are always in need of young able bodied enthusiastic people who like to move and use their muscles. But we are also very happy with people who just want to gain work experience, learn about traditional building methods or have a nice cheap holiday in a natural environment.

Building and construction work in Zonca involves a wide range of activities from repairing and rebuilding terrace walls and laying paving to restoring houses and every conceivable activity related to that —carpentry, plastering, laying electric cables, plumbing and so on.

If you feel up to this challenge and are prepared to donate at minimum three weeks (the minimum stay for guests and volunteers) then we can offer you very good terms. You are assured of every comfort, plenty of free time, plenty of recreational activity and warmhearted hosts.


Thanks! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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