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100% Organic Italian Goat Cheese for Sale


This organic goat cheese is produced high on the alps (Alpe Rattagina) near Montechrestese. It has a mild flavor growing stronger with age. The goats are managed in an ecologically sustainable way, spending winter in the village of Zonca where they are able to roam every day and summer up on the alps where the air is cooler and the grass fresh.

Production is limited and the cheese is only available while stocks last. Depending on supply we have several different types of cheese: goat - mix of goat and cow - cow and fresh white cheese (cottage).

At the moment we are unable to sell online due to shipping costs and restrictions however you can contact us and make an appointment to come and pick up your cheese either in the village or up on the alps (if you are able to hike!).

Call: +39 333 219 1650

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