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La Casa in Mezzo

The 'Casa in Mezzo' provides room for up to four paying guests and is available through Socialbnb. The house has an open plan kitchen annex living room with a balcony facing the sun. At the end of the balcony there is a wooden staircase to the bedroom which is in the loft. The bedroom is sparsely decorated but has ample light and comes equipped with a double bed and two single mattresses. There is a shower and toilet just off the side of the balcony. The house is heated with a woodstove and a gas powered cooking range is available. The Casa in Mezzo is not 'luxurious' but comfortable enough for hikers and cheap enough for those travelling on a tight budget.

Unfortunately we cannot host guests with dogs. The house is not suitable for dogs and there are chicken in the village as well as goats and their guard dogs. We need to be able to guarantee the safety of our animals as well as prevent any mishaps.



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