Centro d'Ompio






Centro d'Ompio, located above the picturesque waters of the Lago d'Orta, is an international seminar center for congresses, seminars, workshops, trainings of integral meaning, for inspiration and learning, as well as their implementation on a personal as well as instutional level.

The seminar campus serves as an inspirational platform and as an instrument for gathering eligible initiatives for spiritual renewal in commerce, culture and society. In this manner the Centro d'Ompio supports personality and consciousness development in the individual and the development of our society.

Over the past 28 years, CdO has developed into one of the leading international seminar centers for a wide spectrum of learning opportunities: management and leadership training on the one hand as well as seminars on cultural, health and spirituality on the other.

Concerning relations between Zonca and Centro d'Ompio, there has been some talk of the creation of 'non-local communities', communities that share similar values and offer mutual support. Because of the unique location and situation of Zonca, we have been considering ways in which to participate with Centro d'Ompio in projects offering a variety of workshops and work-experience places, possibly with some form of accreditation.

Another possibility is that of join application for European funding towards projects involving development of alternative lifestyles, permaculture, ecology as well as personal development. Zonca could potentially evolve as a place of learning and personal development, offering courses in return for work.

Centro d'Ompio already offers workaway places for volunteers. Those interested can find more information + feedback of previous working guests on the Centro's workaway.info page.