As might be expected of any area in the Alps the nature offers spectacular views and walks and a wide range of different terrains from steep mountains and forests to deep ravines and mountaintop pastures. Peaks may be covered in snow even in August and winter snow, ice and glaciers can be seen and visited well into May.

Zonca is ideally located for treks and hiking in the mountains is facilitated by a network of well marked paths and refuges where it is possible to camp or make use of bunk beds and cooking facilities. The village is situated on the verges of a national nature reserve.

Rivers and streams are plentiful however some of the bigger tributaries have been dammed to generate electricity and control flooding. Hunting is prohibitted and fishing is only permitted with a licence. There are also several lakes in the area, some of which are man made but still offering spectacular views and comfortable walks along well marked paths.

There is quite a lot of quarrying in the area, both in the Valle de Antrona itself and in other valleys heading up toward the Swiss border. Although the valley around Villadossola and Dommodossola was once a conglommeration of heavy industries (iron smelting) the surrounding mountains are surprisingly pristine due to their steep incline which discourages construction.