The Four Seasons School

The Four Seasons School is a new initiative in Zonca. It is the brainchild of Stephan Widmer, a Swiss national who has spent over 40 years in the Italian alps, gardening, building and renovating houses. Students are invited to participate in four workshops lasting three weeks covering each season of the year so that they can have an experience of the different weather and temperature and the unique requirements of each season. The course is especially useful for those trying to make up their minds about living in, or starting an ecovillage or community, and those interested in sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

The four seasons school provides an opportunity to get to know the uniqueness of each season. This gives us better access to life in touch with nature. We learn to think and act with foresight: clearing the meadows in spring, for example, makes haymaking easier in summer, because the hay is not mixed with branches and leaves.

Throughout the year we work on various projects and learn to plan them with nature and implement them according to urgency. Some projects include preparing gardens for the new season, repairing dry stone walls, and harvesting and processing fruit.

Working with nature is like surfing. How so?

The surfer has to crawl with all his might to catch the wave. But once he catches the wave, the wave carries him effortlessly. The same applies: those who work in harmony with nature and serve it with devotion will be rewarded by it and the work will be easier.

To find out more about the Four Seasons School and what it has to offer, click on this link.