Due to the dillapidated state of many houses in Zonca we plan to appeal to the public for financial support as well as practical help to secure roofs and walls and to begin clearing areas that can possibly be salvaged or restored.

Because most inhabitants are unable to earn a living in the area, many are forced to travel outside the country to work as contractors or shepherds. This is all fine but it would be very helpful if we were able to get money so we do not have to work elsewhere. The easiest way to do this is through crowdfunding. As soon as our Association is registered we aim to set up a crowdfunding project to finance much needed materials for preventing roofs from collapsing.

In addition, there has been talk of participating in a wider project to bring young people to Zonca as valounteers, possibly with some sort of funding from the EU and from the Erasmus University. Ideally, students would be able to get some form of accreditation for participating in various types of workshop, including things like permaculture, building, natural wall construction, as well as a variety of community oriented skills.

In the meantime, we are appealing to members of the public who are interested in Zonca and its projects and who understand the importance of creating viable alternatives to urban living to help us finance the restoration of this beautiful village.

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