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Donate to Zonca

In the interests of sustainability we are soliciting donations of money, second hand goods and equipment. These include materials for construction such as wood, clay, etc. as well as tools and furniture. All of this material and equipment will be used to maintain and restore houses, provide living quarters and workspace for volunteers and new inhabitants.


Our GoFundMe fundraiser (see link above) aims to provide the initial capital for repairing and maintaining our access road. Our initial aim is to collect €10.000 euro. The state of Piemonte has €4.000.000 euro to spend in 2023 on promoting sustainable projects, including living spaces and agricultural/pastoral employment. The introduction suggests applicants must fund a certain percentage themselves. The estimated costs of improving accessibility to Zonca are €40.000 euro. For more information see here.

It may seem a contradiction to be funding a road through a pristine natural environment. In fact, life in our village is very difficult and would be very near impossible without our road. Secondly, we are not constructing a new road but paving an existing one. Improved access will:

  • Make it easier to transport materials for building

  • Make it easier to bring hay for animals

  • Improve ease of transport for young children going to school

  • Ensure the existing road is not washed away by heavy rains


We hope visitors to this website will chip in and help us achieve this goal! And you are more than welcome to visit our village and see how projects are progressing.

GoFundMe link
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