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Donate to Zonca

In the interests of sustainability and durability of our ecovillage project we are soliciting donations of second hand goods and equipment. These include materials for construction such as wood, clay, etc. as well as tools and furniture. All of this material and equipment will be used to maintain and restore houses, provide living quarters and workspace for volunteers and new inhabitants.

If you have useful materials, tools, furniture etc. please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make arrangements to collect and transport it.

  • we need building equipment such as construction materials, scaffolding, wood, cement, lime, clay, chicken wire etc.

  • we are always on the lookout for old wood stoves and other materials for heating.

  • we need furniture such as beds, cupboards, shelves

  • doors, doorframes, windows and frames, stained glass, lamps, chairs, couches

  • gardening tools and materials

  • water containers and tubing for agricultural purposes

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