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The Musical Ecovillage

The music room in Zonca is equipped with an array of musical instruments, djembe's cowbells, shakers, a drumkit, amplifiers, microphones and a mixer (amongst others). The village regularly hosts musicians and many weekends the music room is alive with music. Guests and volunteers who are proficient at any instrument are welcome to join and beginners are also welcome to try their hand.

In addition to the music room we regularly host singing groups and it is one of the great joys of communal life to be able to sing and dance together. At such times people from other villages often join us.

In future we hope to host more musicians throughout the summer. Bring you own instruments or contact us to see what might be available.

In September, Zonca hosts a three day musical event, the Zoncafest. Musicians from other villages join us. The musical styles are eclectic, from Rock & Roll to free Jazz and Folk, including spiritual music and singing and traditional Italian folk music.

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