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Zonca Projects 2022-'23

In 2022 a new property was acquired. This property was part of another house that belongs to a member of the community. The aim is to prepare it to house volunteers.


We also started work on another recently purchased house which required a new balcony and parts of the roof to be rearranged. This property is now available to volunteers.

In addition, the clearing of a garden area for the cultivation of young seedlings has started, especially trees destined either for reforestation or for fruit and ornamental trees such as almond, elm, acacia, asimina triloba and various others. The latter are to be planted within the Village.

The garden area will also house a container to store rainwater so we don't have to use our drinking water for the gardens.

We also started work on an experimental biogas installation in the same area.

In January last year, a much-needed sauna was also completed. The sauna and an adjacent shower serves our guests and volunteers and is a useful meeting place where we can relax when it is very cold here.


Since many projects in our village are privately funded, we undoubtedly invest significantly out of our own pockets. Proceeds from b&b are a welcome contribution and our guests are welcome to see and enjoy the results. In the future we are still looking for funds to rebuild our road and to repair roofs that are in poor condition and may collapse. Only twenty people live permanently in this village, which means that we will certainly need third-party funds for this work. To this end, we have set up a consortium and are in the process of applying for European funding.

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