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Zonca boasts excellent opportunities for recreational activities, both within the village confines and in the surrounding forests and mountains. Visitors do not have to be bored! Below we summarise first the activities that are possible within the village and that depend on the existing structures. Following that there is an overview of activities in and around Valle Antrona.

Activities within Zonca

  • Sauna

    Zonca has a brand new Sauna. It is located next to the pizza oven around the midsection of the lower part of the village (see map). The sauna is open to the public but must be booked in advance. The sauna costs ±€50.- and larger groups can expect to pay extra due to the costs of wood and extra work cleaning. There is a shower close to the sauna and soon there will also be a tub for a cold splash.


  • Sweatlodge

    On occassion we organise a sweatlodge (inipi). The lodge is located in the forest beyond the last house of the village in the direction of Bordo. Sweatlodges can also be organised on request.


  • Hottub

    A hottub is conveniently located in the gardens above the upper part of the village. The hottub is privately owned and is available on request, subject to the owner's approval.


  • Music room

    A music room is located just outside the center of the lower part of the village. The music room is privately owned and available subject to consent of the owner. In the summer months musicians use the music room frequently and visitors are encouraged to join in. The room is equipped with amplifiers and a mixer, microphones and a drumkit.


  • Yoga/meditation room

    The Casa Ambientale boasts a large room for meditation and yoga and is available on request. Meditation and yoga can also be practiced either on the lawn in front of the Church, or at the back of the village on the pasture.


  • Campfire

    There are two campfire areas. The first is located in the center of the lower part of the village with a nice view of the valley. The second is located on private land at the top of the village. Both are free to use on condition that we provide wood and keep the places clean.


  • Pizza ovens

    Zonca has two traditional pizza ovens. The first is located at the center of the lower part of the village near the public shower and sauna. The second is located on the main thoroughfare in the upper part of the village. Traditional pizza ovens must be pre-heated for two days prior to use and are therefore only used when there are festivities.


Activities in and around Valle Antrona

  • Swimming

    The Lago de Antrona at the end of the valley is an excellent place to swim during summers although the water is chilly. For a warmer swim, we recommend Lago Mergozzo, but this lake is a fourty minute drive in the direction of Milano. The lakes behind the dams at e.g. Cheggio are not really for swimming although they are used as such when the summer heat reaches its maximum. Do not swim near the dams but go the the far ends where the water is shallow.


  • Hiking

    Hikers will find numerous trails in and around Valle Antrona. Some of the trails lead over the mountains into Switzerland (Pico d'Andola) and most trails are well marked. There are also 'riffuggios' and shelters where one can spend a night but riffuggio's need to be booked in advance.

  • Climbing

    The summer sees a spurt of climbing activity suitable for all levels of expertise. Try:


  • Cycling

  • Paragliding

    Paragliding takes place throughout the year weather permitting. Try:


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