Auciello Angela
Via S. Bartolomeo 40
Villadossola (VB)
T: +39 0324 761004




Ferramenta Bianchetti Snc

Via Domodossola, 47
28844 Villadossola (VB)
Orari de Apertura:
08:30 – 12:00 14:30 – 19:00
T: +39 0324 51103



Materials for Stoves and Plumbing


Materiali idraulici, stufe, pannelli solari

Via Domodossola, 110
28844 Villadossola (VB)
Orari de Apertura:
8.00-12.00 / 13.30-18.30
Sabato pomeriggio e Domenica chiuso
T: +39 0324 52525


Reg. Nosere n°8, 28845
Domodossola VB, Italië

+39 0324 44075

Health Food


Prodotti Biologici

Giallo Verde

Via Monte Grappa 37
Domodossola (VB)


Pangallo Lidia

Corso Moneta Colonnello Attilio 7
28845 Domodossola (VB)
T: 0324 46743


Feed for Animals



Tuesday mornings in Villadossola


Local shops


There is a 'cooperativa' in Seppiana that is open in the morning until 12:00. It provides very basic necessities although it is probably possible to order stuff. There is also a small shop in Montescheno reachable via road of via a footpath from Zonca to Barboniga. It is a 'Conad' and provides basic necessities. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

A number of supermarkets in the area are open all week and some evenings. These include the U2 supermarket in Villadossola and the somewhat cheaper Coop located on the main road to Dommodossola. There is a Carrefour on the turnpike just before Dommodossola.


Hospitals & Clinics


Roofing materials



Seedsavers is not a local business however they may provide a crucial service to intentional communities by preserving and sharing hierloom seeds and species that are otherwise hard to come by.

A link to their website: Seedsavers