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Zonca has a brand new Finnish sauna. This is a dry sauna and the temperature ranges from a moderate 60° to 80° on the bottom benches. The higher bench can get considerably hotter. The temperature can be regulated by opening or closing the tray of the woodstove thereby regulating the flow of air into the fire.


What does a sauna cost & who can use it?

The sauna is open to guests and visitors as well as workshop participants and volunteers. For visitors the fee is €50.- The sauna is big enough for about 8 - 10 people at one time.

As a general rule, a Finnish sauna is taken naked but of course you are welcome to bring a wrap and it is customary to bring a towel to sit on. There is no lighting while the sauna is in use other than the light from the woodstove and so it is quite dark inside.


During and after the sauna, you can have a refreshing cold shower. A tub for a cold dive is due to arrive soon.


The sauna must be booked at least one day in advance if you want to be absolutely sure there is somebody on hand to heat it. To book contact us and let us know what day and time suits you.


Women's Sauna


Some women are uncomfortable about sharing a sauna with men. It is possible to book the sauna for women only.














We do not provide towels or bathrobes so bring your own. It is necessary to shower before entering the sauna. It is also obligatory to wash feet and make sure they are clean before entering the sauna. It is a good idea to bring an extra towel to spread on benches as these can get very hot. The woodstove and chimney can get very hot and so it is crucial to maintain a distance and not touch any of the metal parts. During an "aufgüss" when water is poured on the stones it is important not to splash water but to use the ladle to pour slowly to create steam. After this, the person performing the aufgüss uses a towel to spread the steam and waft it towards those present.

It is up to you whether to sing or remain silent in the sauna. As a general rule one should stay attentive to the needs of others.

Health & Safety

Please refrain from taking saunas if you are not feeling well. Common colds are an exception but there is little information about Covid. Avoid saunas if you have high blood pressure or heart problems, have a headache or are taking medication. Make sure you stay adequately hydrated. Do not stay in the sauna longer than feels comfortable. 15 minutes per round is customary. Go outside and cool off, or have a cold shower before going in for another round. Take off metal jewellry as it can get painfully hot! Also, take out contact lenses as they can literally melt in a hot sauna.


Innapropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Please respect other people's space, their privacy and their possessions.

Upon leaving the sauna please make sure both sauna and shower are as clean as possible.

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