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Not all the ideas posted to this website are currently being implemented, however it is becoming more and more clear that with regards to bio-diversity, local farmers and communities that practice agriculture and agroforestry, seeds represent a valuable commodity.

Locally grown varieties that have been tried and tested under local conditions play an important role as their genetic make-up evolves both through conditions such as weather, humidity and earth composition but also through the choices farmers make, which seeds are saved and which end up on the table etc.

All over the world, small scale farmers are beginning to reevaluate the importance of the rare varieties they have growing in their fields and gardens. Climate change presents us all with a profound challenge.


Because seeds can only be stored for a limited time, the best way to ensure the continued existence of their varieties is to make sure they are planted. Farmers have traditionally shared varieties they liked and the cycle of planting, saving or exchanging seeds with others is one way to secure crops.

Nowadays many varieties are available through online seed banks. Of course not all of them are equally useful, but it is a good idea to experiment with new varieties and grown them along ones that are already expected to yield well.

Below are some online resources: