Staying in Zonca





Every year scores of visitors pass through and stay in Zonca. Sometimes they are casual holidaymakers, but many are looking at spending some time in the village, hoping to experience life in community and in a place that is pristine and close to nature. In addition to causal visitors we have been actively soliciting help from visitors through sites like Workaway. Apart from private guests, we have friends who are considering living in the village temporarily or buying houses and who like to spend some time here. All in all, this means there are several different groups of people staying in the village at the same time; private guests, prospective newcomers, volunteers and casual visitors.

Visitors are generally welcome especially if they chip in for shopping and other expenses, and even more so if they are willing to help out with chores. Life in Zonca may look idyllic but it is a fact that those who live here are always busy, making repairs to houses, fixing terraces, cutting hay and planting, caring for goats and chickens, caring for gardens and chopping wood are more or less continuous activities. These activities continue even as food is prepared and visitors are entertained.

Woofers, a term derived from the accronym World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, are extremely welcome to spend time in Zonca and join in the work. The best approach is to contact people who are offering places to stay (on this website) and find out whether they are able and willing to host you. Keep in mind there is a lot of seasonal work going on and you will be expected to join in, depending of course on whatever agreement you have with your host. This may include a nominal feel for room and board. Believe me; its worth it! Zonca is beautiful and the people who live here are very welcoming and you will have great conversations, join us at the music room or by the campfire, get stuffed on delicious home cooking breakfast lunch and dinner.

Every year we organise workshops throughout the warmer months — April to September. To find out whether there are workshops running check out the calendar on this site. But even if nothing has been announced, you are welcome to give us a ring or send us a message to inquire about possibilities for stays and volunteering.

Zonca is extremely rustic and it may take some time to acclimatise. We generally agree that a stay of at least three weeks is needed to have some idea how things work, to get to know each other, and to experience what Zonca and the surroundings have to offer. Shorter stays are possible but Zonca is not an Airbnb and considering the effort it take to organise visits, longer stays are preferable.

For those seeking to stay longer and interested in volunteering, please check out the dedicated pages under the navigation menu heading "STAY".