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Zonca Autonomous Summer Camp (May 1st to 10th, 2023)

ZASC is a yearly event commencing 1st of May each year and running for 10 days. This years event is suited to a specific age group of between 45-65 year olds who are interested in coming together and sharing, creating and undertaking activities on a completely spontaneous basis. These activities can and may include (but are not limited to):


  • Campfire

  • Sweatlodge

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Massage

  • Sharing circles

  • Singing & Music

  • Dance

  • Theatre

  • Sacred Medicine

  • Cooking

  • Sauna

  • Hottub

  • Hiking in the mountains

  • Swimming (Cold Water training)

  • Arts

The main emphasis of ZASC is on providing opportunities to explore autonomy (the ability to motivate ourselves, especially together with others) through spontaneous activities. The village and its surroundings provide an inspiring and challenging backdrop in which to play and explore.

The organisers:


ZASC is organised by members of the Zonca community and is hosted within the village. We have extensive experience with the organisation of workshops and celebrations. ZASC is the brainchild of Daniel Waterman who has facilitated numerous workshops and ceremonies in Europe and the Middle-East. We are inviting participation from other people experienced in the organisation of events. The aim is to develop the format of this event over the course of several years.

In order to leave as much as possible space for improvisation and spontaneity, the 'organisers' will act as facilitators for this event when necessary. Meanwhile the team from Zonca will focus on accommodation and meals. Everything else is up to the initiative of participants.

Who is this for?

ZASC is geared towards the age range 45-65 because that is often the time of life that a lot of existential questions arise about meaning and purpose, related e.g. to one’s professional life, relationships, and challenges relating specifically to age. Many people within this age range experience a significant loss of options — a situation currently exasperated by Covid regulations and other societal problems. In addition, many of us experience social isolation, especially if we are single. ZASC aims to provide a playful and joyous space for sharing, reflection and growth outside of habitual (social) environments and close to nature.

How big is this event?

The 2023 event can comfortably accommodate around 15-20 participants. They will be housed around the village since there is no single accommodation large enough to house all participants together. The involvement of members of the community in various activities may swell numbers to around 30 or more, depending on the type of activity.


Considering this is the first ZASC event we are particularly interested in attracting people who are themselves teachers or practitioners and are interested in developing the format of this event on a yearly basis.


For this first ZASC event we will charge a minimum participation fee to cover costs. The minimum fee will be €40.- euro per person per night and hence €400.- euro total. This fee covers accommodation and meals but not extra expenses such as transport costs, workshop materials etc. In other words, bus tickets and transport are your individual responsibility. So are the costs of a pizza, beer or ice cream if we decide to go out. We aim to keep these costs at a minimum and of course all plans are consensual.



Where and how do I sign up?

 Those interested in taking part in the ZASC event can contact us and make a reservation through the form below. An advance of 1/3 of the total fee is required to ensure reservation. This advance is non-refundable except in case of cancellation by the organisers. Keep in mind that Paypal payments can be reclaimed on that basis.

When making a reservation request, please fill out our questionnaire detailing contact details, age, gender, possible workshops or activities you might like to host and your experience level, preferences (dietary), disabilities, etc. Once your application has been accepted you will receive confirmation and a request for advance payment.

We would like to stress that we want to balance and diversify participation and considering accommodation limits cannot currently accept all participants.

Join us at ZASC!
May 1st to 10th, 2023


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