Sweatlodge | Inipi





We have been discussing the idea of creating either a sauna or a traditional ‘inipi’ (sweatlodge). This would not only be useful to bring the community together, it also presents one of various opportunities to develop a commercial activity that can bring much needed finances to the community for a rather small initial investment.


The barrel shape of this small sauna that can house about 6 people is especially appealing, particularly as it is made of wood. It might be possible to build something like this from recycled wood from the mountain.


The price of barrel saunas ranges somewhere between €3000.- to €9000.- euro depending on size and type of wood. The nice thing about them is that they are easy to transport and assemble.

Here is one supplier.


Although the thatch roof is probably not very well suited to the climate of Zonca, it could conceivably be covered with shingles instead. Possibly even a grass roof that would make it invisible.


The construction of barrel saunas is incredibly simple. All that is needed is nice straight good quality wood and a router to cut the concave sides.






























Another great possibility would be to use one of the many vaults that can be found underneath almost every house in Zonca. Using one of the vaults would also be considerably cheaper than constructing a sauna out of wood. The most expensive element would be the sauna stove itself.



Ideally, any sauna we construct should be wood heated. Here is a link:

A final option for a permanent structure could be one built of stone. There certainly is no shortage of material lying around.


To view a video of the building process click here