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Zonca ecovillage welcomes volunteers. We have many years of experience working with and hosting volunteers from all over the world. We are especially interested in volunteers who are prepared to stay and work with us for a minimum of three weeks, this being long enough to get to know each other and really begin to enjoy the village, the people who live here and the surroundings.

We are especially in need of volunteers who are willing to help us with our regular chores — building and repairing walls and terraces, clearing gardens, cutting wood and so on. In addition we welcome anyone who is interested in contributing their own special skills, for example Yoga classes, art, music and so on.

We are certainly not only about work: volunteers are welcome to participate in all activities in our village including party's, music-making, sweatlodges, saunas, communal meals, fireside gatherings, visits to nearby lakes and walks in nature.

All volunteers are assigned a 'host' who is accountable for their wellbeing throughout their stay and will show them the ropes and accompany them until they are fully settled and know their way around.

Accommodation is basic and can be either in a private house or in guest quarters, subject to prior agreement with hosts. We will do everything in our power to make you feel at home and ensure your comfort. However, in furtherance of that aim, we have some recommendations: READ OUR GUIDELINES.


Please keep in mind that Zonca is in the mountains and the weather can be cold and damp, and nights are very dark. To find out what you need to bring, go to our guidelines page. This page provides a list of items to bring with you.

Rather then providing a list of hosts, we invite you to select from the different activities available to volunteers in the menu and then contact a host directly from that page using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

At present there are three categories of work for volunteers:


There is always building work to be done and volunteers are more than welcome to join in and learn new skills. From interiors that need plastering to carpentry and from dry walls to paths and paving, work continues in all seasons and even all weather.


The Zonca gardens are always in great demand amongst volunteers and there is plenty of work, weeding, planting, caring for plants and composting. In addition, we will soon have a nursery for trees and there is plenty to do in this respect. If you like getting your hands into the soil, this is the place for you.


Volunteers who like animals and are not afraid of putting their backs into their work are welcome to help us caring for goats, sheep,, llamas, dogs and chickens. This work continues regardless of weather: stables need to be cleaned, fresh hay transported, animals need to be fed.

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